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Well Hello There Beautiful!

I’m Monique! My main focus is to inspire people to develop healthy lifestyle habits that can not only prolong their life, but enrich it. With a very strong understanding for what the human body is capable of, the limitations that we have both mentally and physically, I work very closely with clients to provide them the best methods to reaching their goals.

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I used to believe that nothing could make a woman feel more vulnerable than walking on stage, wearing a bikini and being scrutinized from head to toe; being evaluated on her physique, confidence, poise and presence. What I didn’t realize then is that being vulnerable means different things to different people. Speaking to some of my clients, I understand now that many feel that same magnitude of vulnerability every time they look in the mirror, just show up to work, make a presentation or go on that first date. As a Master Trainer with nearly a decade of experience, my job is to help give you the edge. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, prepare for a competition,reboot your image or return to the workforce after having kids, I want you to walk proudly on your stage and conquer your vulnerability with confidence and strength. I commit to helping you achieve the best version of your physical and physiological self, but what I PROMISE is to help you raise your mental game to an incomprehensible level by re-wiring your state of mind through coaching, focus, reflection and gratitude. Every trainer is different. Some specialize in workouts, other’s in nutrition. I’ve brought together multiple practices from the industry’s best to provide you with a complete system for Fitness, Nutrition, Meal Planning and Stage Prep. Once you decide to take this next step, brace yourself. Nothing will ever be the same.

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